The Problem of Commonsense Response

Kumashiro in The Problem of Commonsense article defines ‘commonsense’ as perspectives, views and ideologies that have been brainwashed and forced into minds. These concepts make people feel somewhat comfortable in the sense that it gives them the mind set of “that’s just how it is and how it will always be”. An example of commonsense in North America is having the school year start from September to June and no school in the summer. This idea stemmed from early history when Canada needed the summertime to harvest fields and since then this idea has become and believed to be an unchangeable concept. In todays urban society it does not make much sense to not have school in the summer but since its a part of our commonsense it won’t be challenged to change.

It is so important to pay attention to the ‘commonsense’ especially in schools because if we simply ignore it and not challenge it than we allow oppression to happen. Some of the things that are taken as ‘commonsense’ in schools advantage some students and disadvantage others. This is why it is important to pay attention so we’re able to questions and challenged certain ways of teaching and doing so, it does not continue to oppress people. An example of commonsense in schools that have the potential to disadvantage and oppress individuals is having the school day start early in the morning. Some individuals are not privileged enough to have access to transportation or even the means to have a healthy breakfast before school. Changing the time of day when school starts could have so many benefits for everyone, since it could improve students academic responsibilities.

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